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The long shadow of the late Keith Crisco reminded the legislative community in the North Carolina General Assembly that civility still works. His unexpected death Monday affected people of both political camps that kindness, tolerance, and humor gets results. A textiles company executive, Crisco understood the challenges and the opportunities for government-business partnerships. He was president of Asheboro Elastics in Randolph County, a Republican stronghold. But Crisco was one of the last of his breed—a businessman Democrat who could be effective with an agenda that transcends partisan politics.

Without the support of N.C. Commerce Secretary Crisco, the current Manufacturing Solutions Center would not exist. His agency put up one-third of the $3 million budget for new facilities in Conover. He worked with the HTGAC to secure appropriations for the Textile Technology Center and the MSC. Crisco wanted to go to Washington to represent the Second Congressional District, feeling that his experience as state commerce chief would help secure jobs for North Carolina. He lost a primary contest to Clay Aiken by 369 votes out of 29,000 cast. We will miss him.


The full plates at the traditional opening day breakfast sponsored by the Republican Women’s Caucus was symbolic of the weeks ahead….a full plate for the 2014 Legislature. Even with tax revenues below expectations, the Governor and leadership in the House and Senate are pushing for salary increases for teachers and state employees. And there is Medicaid competing with public education for most dollars in the state budget. Add regulations for disposal of coal ash at Duke Energy plants, coastal erosion challenges and you find the plate piled high with not-so-delicious issues.


The Hosiery and Textiles Council visit to the Legislature will be Wednesday, May 28. Due to scheduling conflicts, the Legislative Cafeteria is not available. Our visit will include visits to key players in House and Senate appropriations committees, along with the top chairs.

There will be a breakfast meeting for our team to refine presentations and review our appointments schedules. We need your involved as we are seeking new funds to expand training operations at both centers. Dan St. Louis and Sam Buff have identified the need to offer on-the-job training as a top priority to facilitate the return of manufacturing to America.

The Manufacturing Renaissance and support for entrepreneurs will be the theme for the upcoming session.


A membership in the HTGAC supports our lobbying programs. Our public relations efforts are year-round and will be intense in this election year. We need your involvement:
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