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The arrival of Fall is also the beginning of a new year for the Hosiery and Textiles Governmental Affairs Council. The legislative lobbying program for the hosiery and textiles manufacturers began in 1992 with the support of the Carolina Hosiery Assn. Since 2002, the pro-active work on behalf the industries has been supported by the HTGAC, with primary objectives to support the success of the Manufacturing Solutions Center and the Textile Technology Center.

This work goes on year-round. As new members enter the House and Senate and leadership positions change, the on-scene lobbying activity includes communicating the needs of the centers and our manufacturers. As companies adjust to a new economy, and the centers support training and research priorities, the partnership with the General Assembly comes more important.

Membership letters will go out next month. Please encourage companies to join us.


Several national polls, including the NBC/Wall Street Journal’s, show Democrats ahead in North Carolina races for president, U.S. Senate and governor. Attorney General Roy Cooper reportedly is six percentage points ahead of incumbent Pat McCrory in the governor’s race. In the House, Democrats are not likely to regain the majority but can pick up enough seats to prevent a veto override. If Cooper wins, this is especially significant. The rapid growth of suburban precincts in Mecklenburg and Wake Counties could help Democrats. Also the GOP leadership’s stringent defense of controversial House Bill 2 reportedly is alienating moderate party voters and independents.


In an election season that has been like no other in recent history, surprise announcements and news reports are emerging from the leadership of political parties in North Carolina. Two top leaders in the N.C. House of Representatives have bowed out early, leaving Republicans scrambling for replacements. Rep. Charles Jeter of Mecklenburg County, chairman of the House caucus, pulled out of his race three weeks ago. This week, House Majority Leader Mike Hager of Rutherford County announced his departure. Both cited family reasons for their decisions. Speaker Pro Tem Paul Stam also is not seeking re-election.

Democrats in the House will have a race for the Minority Leader position. Rep. Ed Hanes of Forsyth County has announced he will run for the position now held by Rep. Larry Hall of Durham. Hall has been criticized for lack of candidates recruiting in districts where Republicans have no opposition.

Rep. Charles Jeter

Rep. Charles Jeter

House Majority Leader Mike Hager

House Majority Leader
Mike Hager

Rep. Ed Hanes

Rep. Ed Hanes