Paul Fogleman,

Fund-raising. With the primary in North Carolina less than seven weeks away, state candidates are scrambling for money. The stakes are big and so are the totals being collected. Attorney General Roy Cooper, the Democrats’ best hope for the governor’s office, reported this week raising $2.9 million last quarter. Incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory was slightly behind, raising $2.6 million. If Cooper is successful, he is almost certain to face a Republican Legislature. Gerrymandering and lack of Democratic candidates in many districts give overwhelming odds to the GOP control. Two branches of government with leaders espousing two different visions.

Ross and Burr

Former legislator Deborah Ross has surprised some observers in her bid to unseat U.S. Senator Richard Burr. Ross has been endorsed by the U.S. Senate Democratic Caucus which means she will be getting significant funds. She also is supported by Emily’s List, a national organization that supports women candidates. Ross is a former director of the ACLU in North Carolina which she knows will be an obstacle in a conservative state. Incumbent U.S. Senator Richard Burr was an early supporter of NAFTA and CAFTA, both of which resulted in the demise of many manufacturing companies. This race could have significant implications for hosiery and textiles manufacturing.

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