Paul Fogleman,

The campaigns in North Carolina and across the U.S. include major implications for our manufacturers and their supply chain companies. Nationally, the election results will determine what lies ahead for minimum wages, healthcare insurance, trade and exports. In state government, look for debates on taxes, environmental issues and sustainability, and a list of workforce issues. Regardless of political parties, the impact of a growing electorate of millennials will bring about changes. As millennials and Generation X people take on more manufacturing jobs a cultural change will creep into your workplace.

Current polls among North Carolina voters indicate the significance of change. The gubernatorial race is almost dead-even, with Attorney General Roy Cooper over incumbent Pat McCrory by two to four percentage points. The U.S. Senate race has most polls showing incumbent Sen. Richard Burr just two percentage points over challenger Deborah Ross. In the presidential race, Hilliary Clinton is two to four percentages over Donald Trump.

On the positive side, regardless of political party, there will be more emphasis on jobs for the future and the role of community colleges.

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