Paul Fogleman,

Tax policies. Rising healthcare costs for state employees. Education priorities. These will be the headlines when the General Assembly gets down to business. Yet, so far activity in the legislature has been…well, lethargic. This week, fewer than 50 bills had be filed. The few committee meetings had one or two routine agenda items.

The gorilla in the room, many believe, is House Bill 2. Partisan politics over the controversial legislation dealing with transgender people and what bathroom they can use heated up this week. Gov. Roy Cooper wants the lawmakers to rescind the entire bill. Republican lawmakers want him to propose a compromise on the legislation they enacted. But behind the stalemate, there is an effort to address House Bill 2 which has prompted a boycott of the state by entertainers and sports promoters. There is a deadline looming: NCAA will not schedule championship events in North Carolina as long as HB2 in law and scheduling for the next six years will be announced before March 1.

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