Paul Fogleman,

PayPal pulled the plug on plans to expand in Charlotte, adding 400 jobs, citing the adoption of HB2 as the reason. LGBT advocates say more national companies are eliminating North Carolina as sites for possible expansion. So now the question: will harassed legislators give home-grown businesses more love?

The national media continues to pound the state for what they cite as a bill that discriminates against a class of people. Efforts to repeal the bill will be fiercely opposed by the most conservative GOP legislators, prompting more unflattering media coverage. Interviews with lawmakers in local newspapers and emails circulating on the internet reflect a no-holds barred oppositions to a rollback of the law. Thus, protecting North Carolina’s existing business base could become a higher priority.

When the General Assembly opens April 25 our message will be: “We are here … appreciative of the thousands of employees in our operations … and look forward to a continued partnership with state governments and the Legislature.”

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