Paul Fogleman,

The 2016 Hosiery and Textiles Day at the Legislature will be Wednesday, May 11. The day again will begin with our traditional breakfast in the Legislative Cafeteria with National Spinning Co. as host. Legislators will be guests, with members of the Hosiery and Textiles Governmental Affairs Council the reception committee. A special state-of-the industry program will feature Patti Bates of Glen Raven Mills Darrell Frye, chairman of the council.

Again, the day will include meetings with key legislative leaders, including appropriations chairs. The agenda will include single-factor tax formula for manufacturers and removal of the privilege tax on machinery. Appropriations for the Textile Technology Center and the Manufacturing Solutions Center also will be included.

More details will be included in TRENDS and special communications. This event has been critical in the ongoing state support for the centers.


For over 25 years, our industries have maintained a presence in the North Carolina General Assembly. Initially, the lobbying program was sponsored by the Carolina Hosiery Association. Today, the costs are covered by council memberships and sponsorships. Our work with legislators over the years has enabled the MSC and Textile Technology Center to increase their grass roots services to manufacturers and their customers.

We have started our 2016 campaign as this year the election season starts in December with filing for candidates. As we have mentioned, there will be significant turnover in the next session with resignations and decisions not to seek re-election.

Politics is not an easy game. But we have thick skin and a passion for our manufacturers. We need your membership now.


Currently, the focus is on the Presidential Forums/Debates, especially featuring Republican hopefuls. And if we listen carefully, we might spot a hopeful trend. Several of the candidates are pushing for the “return” of manufacturing. Donald Trump may be the most vocal but he is not alone. The debates will have an influence on future politics as they pertain to tax reform, immigration and workforce reform, minimum wages, and international trade, among many other issues.

The North Carolina legislature goes into session April 28, 2016 after a tumultuous primary and new candidates. All this will set the mood for next year’s legislative agenda. At last week’s annual meeting for North Carolina professional lobbyists, Rep. Jason Saine, senior House finance chairman, and Sen. Harry Brown, senior Senate Appropriations Chair, predicted the spring session will be short and lively. Both said a July 4 adjournment is likely. More pay for public school teachers is deemed a priority.

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