Paul Fogleman,

The Wall Street Journal-NBC polls have added a new demographic to polling: people who have land lines versus mobile telephones. In the N.C. presidential race, Clinton gets 39 percent of the vote from people who have land lines and Trump garners 43 percent: For mobile phone voters, it is reversed: 47 percent for Clinton and 35 percent for Trump. At this stage among overall voters, Clinton leads Trump 45 to 41 percent.

In the governor’s race, home line voters tie—47 percent for both Cooper and McCrory. Cell phone voters are 50 percent Cooper and 44 percent McCrory. Overall definite voters give Cooper the edge—50 percent to 45 percent.

Burr maintains an eight percentage lead over Ross in the U.S. Senate race. However among cell phone users, the race is a 44 percent tie. Burr’s greatest strength is among independent and white voters.

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