Renfro Expands Hosiery Operation In Tennessee

Paul Fogleman,

MOUNT AIRY NC – Renfro Corp., a North Carolina-based hosiery manufacturer, has announced a $17.5 million investment in equipment and operations at its Cleveland, T.N. Plant.

Observers say the Renfro investment represents a trend to bring hosiery manufacturing back to the United States.

Renfro CEO Andrew L. “Bud” Kilby Jr. said the decision to expand the former Charleston Hosiery operations is a response to increase demands for current and new lines. The company, one of the nation’s largest hosiery companies, manufacturers and markets socks for leading brands including Fruit of the Loom, Dr. Scholl’s, Ralph Lauren/Polo, Wrangler, Spalding, and Carhartt. Renfro also owns K. Bell and Hot Sox.

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