Paul Fogleman,

After primary elections that sent a few veteran legislators packing, there seems to be consensus this week that the “short session” of the General Assembly may, indeed, be…short. Maybe 35 to 40 days. Senior members in the Senate and House insist the goal is to adopt budget adjustments by June 20 and recess. The lawmakers would return 10 days later to override a veto of the budget by Gov. Roy Cooper. Cooper wants significantly more money for education and security in N.C. Prisons than legislators are likely to approve.

Court reform measures, including selection of judges and judicial redistricting, are on the agenda but the defeat of a major proponent in the primary, Rep. Justin Burr of Stanley County, dims the prospects.

And, with the new normal, surprise bills are expected. There is a widespread belief that the GOP will lose the super majority to override gubernatorial vetoes. This could mean partisan bills could suddenly appear on the calendars.

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