Textile Technology Center Serving More Companies

Paul Fogleman,


More companies are turning to the Textile Technology Center in Belmont for testing, prototyping and research and development. The number of companies that were invoiced for services was up 17.5 percent in 2012.

But…the revenue from those companies during the 12-months period was down by 8.5 percent. Explained Textile Center Director Sam Buff: more customers with smaller assignments.

During the Advisory Board meeting in Conover November 29, Buff reported that earned income from services has given the center a funds balance of $384,000 which can be used for acquisition and maintenance of equipment.

Board chairman Dan Nation reported on the center’s state appropriation which is $834,924. But $487,436 is allocated to Gaston College for administration, the East Campus Dean, Admissions, the Library and other costs. Left for Textile Center salaries, plant operations, and equipment is $362,783.

Like the Manufacturing Solutions Center and its hosiery and furniture programs, the Textile Center is a line item in the N.C. Community Colleges butget.

Buff told the board during its meeting at the MSC that the trend indicates the center will be involved with more companies in 2013.

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