Paul Fogleman,

This week we are featuring a Hickory-based hosiery company that has re-invented itself for 21st century manufacturing and marketing. The Socks Factory and its premiere William Tucker line of high-quality men’s socks are thriving under the management of Michael Banks Jr., who oversees manufacturing, and his brother, Nate, vice president of marketing and product development. The company has thrived with services from the Manufacturing Solutions Center.

The appropriations from the North Carolina Legislature represent the state’s investment in the future of hosiery and textiles manufacturing. That investment has preserved 50 jobs at the Socks Factory alone. Our ongoing lobbying with state lawmakers over the past 24 years is dedicated the success of hosiery and textiles companies across North Carolina. The Textile Technology Center, the Manufacturing Solutions Center and the N.C. General Assembly have pursued a partnership that produced dividends that have been reinvested many times over.

Third Generation Leadership Fuels Hosiery Company Growth

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